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Wizard translations has moved to a new website and offers English-French translations services and translation management essentially, but also handles multi-lingual projects, in collaboration with a number of selected translators around the world. Updated content and tutorials

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Welcome to Wizard Translations !

This web site is meant to give you a straightforward approach to language translation and localization services online and help you to organize translation projects.There are also links and data about the "tricks and trade" of translations. By clicking on the three buttons above, you will access current policies in regards to On Time delivery, Quality Commitment and Formating of your translated documents.

Should you need any further information, feel free to contact me via email, on wizardtranslations@free.fr

Please do check out our special arrangements for software localization. If your software is valuable and viable in English, it is certainly worth translating in other languages. Most of your potential customers do not speak English. Assuming your language is English, would you buy a software in French ? In Korean? Click on Software localization for further informations.

Why online language translator? I try to keep a large presence online, and chances are you will be able to reach me directly online when you need it. I believe that availability is a key ingredient of our industry and do my best to be reachable. Emails boxes are checked over 20 times a day, and all inquiries are answered within 24 hours maximum.

NB : If you are looking for an online translation software (which is also sometimes called online language translator), I created a page linking to some the web's best resources, along with a couple technical recommendations. Please proceed through the links named "online language translator"

Is your activity spanning many nations? Do you have offices world-wide? For just a fraction of the cost of your English Web Site, you will be able to increase your potential sales, support your customers in their own language and gain credibility as an international service provider. Plan your Web Site localization today!

Translating technical documents is a very precise activity, and each project is unique. Is Wizard Translations the right provider for YOUR project? Please click here for a quick overview of the subjects we specialize in, or contact me directly.





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