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Wizard translations has moved to a new website and offers English-French translations services and translation management essentially, but also handles multi-lingual projects, in collaboration with a number of selected translators around the world. Updated content and tutorials

On Time...
On Time...

On time garantee

Translations are often run on a rather tight schedule, and translators must be relied upon to deliver their translations ON TIME. Any delay is a curse to a project manager. How do you know the job is going to be fine, if you have no time to check it? Say you planned to release a software on a tight schedule, and one of translators working on the project ends up being late, that's it. You will not meet your release date, with all this imply in term of extra workload and marketing hardship Large delays also prevent a carefull quality check, due to the lack of time. Being aware of that fact, I decided to set up an OUTRAGOUS ON TIME GARANTEE, and it goes as follows. ANY JOB WHICH IS NOT DELIVERED WITHIN THE AGREED UPON TIME FRAME IS SUBJECT TO AN IMMEDIATE 15% DISCOUNT. Should the translation be delivered more then 3 days late, a full 30% discount would be applied on the overall price of the translations. Of course, this refers to an agreed upon timeline only, for an explicit amount of work. If you request 40 000 words, and send 80 000 words (Which I do not mind at all), the timeline would need to be gone over again. But don't cheer up. I do not delivered jobs late, and ... yours will be on time too. ;-)

Quality translations

Quality is unfortunately a more subjective concept. However, I care for my job, and I like it. Of course, this is also what pays the food that gets on my table, and as such, is somewhat of a must do. Well, that's true, but I really enjoy translating, and I believe it does make a difference whether or not one does a great job. I'm honnest. There is no certificate hanging on my wall to say I'm a good boy, and if you're looking for someone loaded with certificates, you should probably find someone else. On the other hand, if you are "simply" looking for someone that can turn out a great translation, you are just a couple clicks away from hiring one. You are welcome to check out a few translation excerpts taken from some recent translation and proofreading assignements, if you happen to have some knowledge of the French language. In regards to Web Site translations, I must admit I have a relatively small experience, being often more asked about technical manuals. However, looking through my web site should give you a fair evaluation of my aptitudes in that field.


As You Like It...

I try to make your job as easy as possible, and deliver the translation in such a way it can be used right there and then. If your order a web site translations, you will receive html files ready to be uploaded. A word document? I will turn it in translated and typeset.

You can ask for all usual formats for the finished translation, and many not so usual formats. Tell me how you would like it to be and I will do my best to deliver just that

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