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Please don't get me wrong. Most translation agencies are doing a great job. I'm simply offering an alternative solution which might be worth your attention. We are competent translators in our own fields, and do the best we can to deliver high quality, wether working for an agency or for a final customer.

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Wizard translations has moved to a new website and offers English-French translations services and translation management essentially, but also handles multi-lingual projects, in collaboration with a number of selected translators around the world. Updated content and tutorials

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What is Wizard Translations ?

There are many different kind of players in the translation business. From the single freelance translator trying to lift his head off the pavement to the fully fledged holding company offering translation services on a million bucks basis. You also have specialized translations providers. (Usually a few guys translating a very specialized field, such as supraconductor applications to electronic components, or something).

Choosing the correct type of provider is one of the most important steps in setting up a translation project. Getting your usual technical docs translated by a specialized translation provider is going to cost you an arm and leg. Large providers will be able to cope with huge multi-lingual projects, but as always, you can't expect full attention on your project from a company handling hundreds of other contracts on the same time. (That's my opinion.) On the other hand, try to give six hundred thousand words in 7 languages to a freelance translator, and you will see him collapse. (and so would I :)

So what is Wizard Translations? Wizard Translations is not quite a translation company as yet, but no longer a one man show either. The concept works like this :

This allows you to get quality translations at freelancer's price, without the hassle of finding them and organizing the translations yourself. If your documents are sensible, I suggest you then contact another translations provider to cross-check the translations. In fact, you should do it even when using a translation agency, as this is the only way to be really sure your documents will be checked by a different translator.

My goal is to provide you with an efficient way to get high quality translations at reasonable cost. I personnally enjoy cracking my brains at the meaning of a word and getting the best translations I can. (I don't mind earning money either).

Feel free to contact me, should you have further inquiries on the matter, or reffer youself to the Inquiries/Orders page



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