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* French is spoken by close to one third of the European community and in Canada, making it one of the best target languages to start with. French is also my mother tongue, which means I can always get my hands dirty in your project if anything doesn't go the way it should. ..................................(Back)

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Wizard translations has moved to a new website and offers English-French translations services and translation management essentially, but also handles multi-lingual projects, in collaboration with a number of selected translators around the world. Updated content and tutorials

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Software Localization


If you are looking for informations about software localization please refer yourself to the glossary. This page presents a unique localization solution. Software owners, read on...

Language Markets:

Software localization is an investissement, and as such, should be properly evaluated. If your software is viable on the English market, then it is potentially VERY viable on other markets. Why? Other international markets are not yet as developped as the English speaking one, and your software might well be a pionner product in many countries. You should think about it in these terms : according to the most optimistic evaluations, half of your potential customers do not speak English at all.

"...Internet users in France - 10.9 million Internet users in Italy - 8 million Internet users in Spain - 4.5 million Internet users in Denmark - 2.6 million Internet users in Norway - 1.7 million..." (Source : eMarketer's 24 April, 2002)

Ok. Let's face it. Software localization is the only way your software will make it big on a worldwide basis,...but it can be expensive. You have to translate your GUIs, your manuals, help files,...

Software localization : special offer

I believe that if your software is making money right now, it is worth translating, and so my offer is as follows :

  1. We establish a price for the overall localization project in French*. (Depending on the total amount, I will request a deposit.)
  2. Upon completion of the project, you will pay ONLY HALF of the global amount.
  3. The remaining amount will be paid by the localized product sales.
  4. When the localization is fully paid for, I will retain 10 percent of the localized software sales.

Advantages of that formula are as follows :

I also provide regular software localization solutions. You submit your files and data, and I will get back to you with a quote, decide wether or not you want to go ahead, and if so, we just get on with the project. You are welcome to contact me if you are interested



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