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Wizard Translations's web site has been completely upgraded to address several browser compatibility issues and incorporate new content. Go to:


Your Translations.com offers English-French translations services and translation management essentially, but also handles multi-lingual projects, in collaboration with a number of selected translators around the world.

You will find a sizeable volume of information on the translation business there, and articles on the tricks of the trade. The Wordfast tutorial has been relocated there in full, and new tutorials have been added, including Microsoft Word "How to's" for translators, articles on technical writing, and more.

The old web site still exist and can be reached using the link on the left, but it will not be updated and does not contain anywhere near the amount of data that can be found at www.your-translations.com.

If you came here to learn about a specific topic or order a translation, use the links below to go straight to the page you are looking for:
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